Moni Minaj - my in-house client

Moni Minaj – my in-house client

Volume 75: Curls for the Girls

Yo! Happy Monday good people. It’s a hot one today so I hope that I’ve caught you breezy. 🙂 I have a client/Look Book update today — Big hair like Diana Ross or Mama Nicki Minaj. My sister, Simone, took a page out of Janessa’s post last week and went for a new hairstyle that rivals these hot summer vibes! What I love about the big curly move is it’s versatility — you can wear it big and fabulous, throw it up for a curly pony, give me a bun that sits high and looks down low and you can even straighten it to let that full glow happen. Enjoy! Check the Look Book for more images of this style.

P.s. Are you all still taking your Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nail Gummies? Hope so, because my hair has never been thicker.

Peace to you & your week!

I am available for appointments with week: Tuesday 8:30pm, Saturday 9am-12pm and Monday, 6:30pm.

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All my Love & Appreciation,

-Sarah ❤️


3 thoughts on “MANELY LOVE MONDAY! JULY 27, 2015

  1. Your hair hair looks gorgeous!!! And I love your blog!! I’m starting one of my own if you have time to check it out. Thanks a bunch!

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