Volume 79: ‘Fall’ into Hair & Hoodies

Welcome to September good people. Fall is upon us and I can’t say that I am sad to see summer go and I think that’s a good thing. Summer served its purpose and it was complete bliss. But seasons change and we must always commit to move forward. Hoodies and darker hues are here and I challenge you all to make this fall season just as epic as summer proved to be – What a Time to be Alive! – (word to Drake and Future, amirite? 😛 )

Ms. Moni My in-house client.

Ms. Moni -My in-house client.

The moment that I have been waiting for and discussing incessantly is finally just weeks away – school school school! With that, I have been mentally preparing myself for the next chapter to come. Enough about that for now though — check out my twin sister, Moni and her new look. Once donning big hair like Mama Minaj, she has crossed back over to sleeker tresses. See more detailed images of this look in the Manely Love Look Book – care to join her?

I am available for appointments with week: Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm (Scandal is back so prepare for wine moments!) and Monday, 6:30pm.

Peace to your week!

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-Sarah ❤️