Volume 80: First Day of School

Your Future Professional, Sarah D.

Your Future Professional, Sarah D.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Finally. Happy Monday Good People – I hope that I’ve found you well on this fine fall Monday. Evident by the title of this post – #I #start #school #today. I have my black ‘fit on and looking forward to the end of today’s work day. Today seriously marks the start of a great chapter in my life as I am on the path to legitimizing my craft. There are so many things that will stem from a Paul Mitchell license and I could not be more excited. I have been in both prayer and meditation regarding the next year and a half and what my life will look like working full time and going to school – but I got this. Sure, my life will be different, feel different but nothing worth having comes easy peasy. My heart is so full (great, I’m getting emotional…*shakes it off*). 🙂 Once I complete my program – I will be in the position to be my own boss — create my OWN work schedule…I didn’t collect an entrepreneurial degree for nothing. Important note though clients: I will now be in school during the hours when I would normally take clients. With that, there are about 3 scenarios for future appointments:

1.Catch me on le weekend – both Saturday and Sunday, we can surely work something out.
2.Because I’m blessed with a DePaul gig – there will be days where I will be free during the day, before class. For example, our two week winter break is upon me – paid time off – and I’m all yours.
3.Once I’m on the floor at Paul Mitchell – come see me! This will be a bit down the line but once I’m there, IS LIT. I’ll need the credit.

Here’s to a great day and evening. I super hope that there is a fellow future professional on the same wave as I…I could use a buddy for the next year and a half. ALL GOOD ALL GOD.

I am available for appointment Sunday, 9a-5p.

PS. Regarding, the frequency of the Manely Love Monday posts, I have sort of taken on a Quality over Quantity stance so bear with thee. 🙂

Peace to you and your weeks!

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All my Love & Appreciation,

-Sarah ❤️