Volume 84: The Evolution of Shelby

Yo! Happy Monday and welcome to the very last month of 2015. This year is almost in our rear-view and I can only hope this year was one of progression. 2016 is almost here and I can only hope that we all continue to move forward from where we will leave off.

So! I’ve had this special someone with me from almost Day 1 at Paul Mitchell. Someone who’s helped me learn while sharing my frustrations as I did – that someone is Miss Shelby Head herself :). She is a piece of work (CC: the night I de-tangled her hair for like 4 hours) but also a great learning tool.

When we received our Shelby heads, her hair was a MESS and therefore a great starting point for transformation. We started her with the Square 1 Length, performed a Triangular Graduation, cut her into a 90 Degree Uniform and now she has literally been cut men’s style, Hi Shelton? Take a journey through the Evolution of Shelby images and get your life. 😛

Square 1 Length; Triangular Graduation

Square 1 Length; Triangular Graduation

90 Degree Uniform

90 Degree Uniform

'Tri-Grad'; Current Men's Cut (in progress)

‘Tri-Grad’; Current Men’s Cut (in progress)

This is all I have for now. Contact me if you would like to set a Sunday appointment, 1-5pm.

Peace to your weeks! Rememer: GOOD VIBES ONLY with ZERO TOLERANCE for negative energy — your mind, body, soul and HAIR will thank you.

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-Sarah ❤️