Volume 99: Fall x Donna Summer

Hey! Long time no speak to. I hope that I have found you in high spirits as summer comes to a quiet close. This summer was…interesting. Very, Sarah you gotta do what you HAVE to do so that you can soon do what you WANT to do. Very, trying. Very, adult. But back like I never left. 🙂

Not going to front, as I get older, fall is looking A LOT like my baby. Don’t get me wrong, summer is a vibe but fall is a completely different space that I always find myself longing for. The weather is fresh, fit game proper, and the hair opportunities are endless. Now is the time to consider a new look – change with the season. Have you been wearing protective styles, rocking curls, short or light hair for the summer? Now is time to go long, go sleek, go dark – THINK AUTUMN. Moni sure has. She’s momentarily tabled Nicki Minaj for a Donna Summer vibe and I am elated (see image). There is absolutely nothing like finding a look that matches your essence. Your turn. 🙂

Moni starring in Endless Summer 2016

Moni starring in Endless Summer 2016

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Light & Love from Ya Girl,

-Sarah ❤