Volume 100: October’s Very Own 

Unintentionally celebrating...hey hair!

Unintentional Denver celebration…hey hair!

It’s October, Ahhhhhhhhh! It’s my 100th post, Ahhhhhhhhh! This week marks one year of school and ya girl has only Five. Months. Left. Say it with me saints, “Five Months Left”. To those of you reading who have been experiencing a weird, difficult time on your journey to your dreams, your goals, ‘The Glo’, you are not alone. Five months marks the end of school, for me. What will five months mark the end of for you? We all have our own each individual battles but I’m here to tell you that, day will break sooner than it feels.


Unintentionally celebrating...hey hair!

Unintentional Denver celebration…Janessa in all her crown’s glory!

With that said, it becomes even more imperative that you maintain the physical. That’s my personal ministry at least. Look great, feel great, amirite? I champion that notion because there’s power there. Absolutely no reason to look like what you’re going through – Glory. (I’m listening to Solange’s, A Seat At The Table as I write this and my soul is on fire). A queen is at your service. I’ve been blessed to roll out my time left as a Phase Two Future Professional. A pat on the back for the gyal, I’m like a black belt student now here to offer the same quality, beauty, and good energy.

October's Very

October’s Very Own…energy.

One more thing, I am now certified in extensions. Certified in methods: U-tips, I-tips, Tapes, Beaded Wefts and of course your braided sew in. You can go long, have volume, change it up despite your hair texture or wave pattern. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to offer options! I’ve been busy, and it’s, truly, all for you.

If you’re in the mood for a blowout, new color or cut service book with me Wednesday through Friday at Paul Mitchell (P: 312 548 7588, Request desired hair service with Sarah D., #64). If you are in the mood for longer tresses, braids, a longer or private service in general book with me personally. Either way, I got you. A queen is at your service.

For personal appointments: Saturday- 1p-5p and Sunday- 10a-3p. 

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Peace, Glo, and Productivity to your week! Rememer: GOOD VIBES ONLY with ZERO TOLERANCE for negative energy — your mind, body, soul and HAIR will thank you.

Light & Love from Ya Girl,


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