Volume 101: No Heat November 

YO! November, be good to me and us. Happy Monday everybody – I hope that I’ve found you well as we look to the end of 2016…*allows time for that to sink in*. It’s high time that we make the best of the remainder of this year. With that said, ‘No Heat November’ has commenced on my side of town. I kept envisioning my bang falling to the floor because of repeated ironing and boom, I became your braid baby soon after. Won’t you join me in my quest? I’ve gotten a few schoolmates to participate as well, shout out to yall. ❤ Too much heat weakens bonds within the cuticle (located in each strand) and the hair shaft breaks down as a result. That doesn’t even sound fun. Even with the use of thermal protection, you can simply over do it and you will slowly, but surely, start to notice your length disappear or remain stagnant. Don’t be a victim of this vanishing act – get protective. I haven’t rocked braids like these since elementary school and the change was welcomed. I’ve gotten so much beautiful feedback – thank yall. ❤  So, moral of this word: No Heat November is a thing. Take a break from the flat iron and let the Lord use you.   I’m already considering a ‘No Heat December’ but we can keep that on the low, low for now.

Rude Gyal

Rude Gyal

LAST TING: I am seriously hoping that each of you reading plans on voting tomorrow! While I completely understand that both options seem….bleak, one candidate is CLEARLY a better option than the latter. No need to mince words, I am voting for Hillary Clinton because a country ran by Trump is simply not a place I wish to live in. What I am saying is, vote smart.

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