Volume 102: E.O.Y. 

Yall! I know that any day above ground is a blessing but when I say that 2016 has been a bit heavy for the gyal, believe me. I feel this sentiment has been shared by a number of my peers and good news good people: We can only go up/glo up from here. Fresh Time is around the corner…wow, just like that. Lately, time has been an interesting phenomenon for me. Time, literally, waits for no man or no queen. :). January is coming. February is coming. March is coming. The only question is, what will you have accomplished when it does? “Sun burn in my eyes, I been looking up” and forward as my goal of receiving my license and formal training comes to fruition. Jah Bless. Soon, I will be able to move forward as a full time hair stylist and dance with time more loosely. Jah Bless. So, that’s what I wanted to share today. December is here to usher in a new season. Just Keep Swimming like Dory said. You got this.

No Heat Boys

No Heat Boys

Last ting: No Heat December, more of the same. My twin, Moni, has joined me in my quest. Good luck telling us apart. 😛 .

If you’re in the mood for a blowout, new color or cut service book with me Wednesday through Friday at Paul Mitchell (P: 312 548 7588, Request desired hair service with Sarah D., #64). If you are in the mood for longer tresses, a longer or private service in general, book with me personally for a weekend appointment. Either way, I got you. A queen is at your service.

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Peace, Glo, and Productivity to your week! Remember: GOOD VIBES ONLY with ZERO TOLERANCE for negative energy — your mind, body, soul and HAIR will thank you.

Light & Love from Ya Girl,

-Sarah D.Mari ❤