Volume 103: GVO 2k17 

Yo! Turn to ya neighbor and tell em,”We made it”. Take a silent moment to reflect on what you’ve been through this past year: the good, bad, and down-right fugayzee (Chicago ❤ ). Now follow up that moment with a smile because guess what, it’s 2017. The past is just that so best to leave it there and move forward. Always move forward. I feel a shared sentiment that 2017 is to usher in both change & continued prosperity. Some chapters closing, some continuing, and some only beginning but a firm belief that it’s basically, lit. 😛 . I don’t know about yous but I am surely excited to see what this fresh 365 has to offer the gyal. I am soon to close a very important chapter called: School & My License. I can’t begin to describe how amazing it feels to finally be just 3 months away from more time, flexibility, mental space and more hair! My time to be a full time hair stylist is upon me and a queen is most definitely at your service. Shake off the troubles of yesteryear and commit to control – we will happen to 2017 and not the other way around (cc: 2016). So here’s to fresh time, fresh challenges, fresh blessings, fresh opportunities, and a fresh outlook. We got this. 

I had a number of beautiful canvases to work on this past holiday season – take a look.

All this love...

All this love into 2017…


If you’re in the mood for a blowout, new color or cut service book with me Wednesday through Friday at Paul Mitchell (P: 312 548 7588, Request desired hair service with Sarah D., #64). If you are in the mood for longer tresses, a longer or private service in general, book with me personally for a weekend appointment. Either way, I got you. A queen is at your service.

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Peace, Glo, and Productivity to your week! Remember: GOOD VIBES ONLY with ZERO TOLERANCE for negative energy — your mind, body, soul and HAIR will thank you.

Light & Love from Ya Girl,

-Sarah D.Mari ❤

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