Volume 104: Our Hair…An Experience  

My sister, Simone, asked me to offer some insight on the ‘black hair experience’ for her agency’s Black History Month focus (shout out to DigitasLbi). I happily obliged because, duh — hair is life. With that said, let’s get right to it.

The Black Hair Experience is thee Experience (yes, I’m bias). Reaching back to the time of Queen Madame C.J. Walker – the black hair evolution has been insanely magical. Black hair is dimensional in nature – long, short, coarse, curly, naturally straight, big like Diana Ross, shaved like Grace Jones….black woman can do it all and the base foundation of black hair versatility is natural hair.

Natural Hair

  • Hair whose texture hasn’t been altered by chemical straighteners.
  • Typically recognized as a ‘fro’ but the possibility of natural hair is endless
Queendom is...

Queendom is…

Your natural hair is the launch pad of innovation – the starting point of taking your coils from point A to point B. Solange said it best: “They don’t understand what it means to me. Where we chose to go. Where we’ve been to know” (Don’t Touch My Hair). Any woman’s hair is her crown…a black woman’s hair is her crown and identity. It states that, ‘I am a black woman and the coils that grow from my head are laced with life’. Anything in life requires patience – same goes for your hair. The following tips have helped me along the way…:

  • Product and more product. Every head has its own set of rules and regulations – its own product cocktail as well. You’re going to kiss a number of frogs before you find the set of products meant for your desired needs – be patient.
  • The versatility can be endless. You don’t always have to wear it curly and you don’t always have to wear it straight. That’s the beauty of it all. Color, cut, and manipulate your crown to match your mood.
  • Maintenance is key. Regular haircuts are crucial to hair health even with natural hair. Length without maintenance is useless. Grow your hair with a purpose.
  • Go protective. If you are thinking about transitioning or maybe just want to give your hair a break, protective styling allows you to give those strands a break and tap into more queendom: long braids, extensions, crochet styles, etc. Have some fun.
  • Good Vibes. The energy you cultivate registers in every cell in your body, remember that. Commit to good energy with zero tolerance for negative energy – your mind, body, soul, AND HAIR will thank you.
  • If you use heat, you must also use thermal protection. Heat will eventually wear down the strongest strands. Moderation is key.

Most important: whatever you do to YOUR HAIR, is your choice. Make styling decisions with pride.

My personal relaxed to natural journey:

Living with natural hair for a little over a year now, there is a visible difference in the strength of my hair. I do not at all mean that to say, you can’t be relaxed and healthy. However, if you’ve been relaxing your hair for 10 years or more…you can’t help but see a difference immediately and wonder why you hadn’t transitioned sooner. To each his or her own, remember that.  Much to my delight, my natural curls straighten easily and my blowouts are full of silk. See, that’s my point: I am natural but I wear my hair straight, period. It matches my mood and overall aesthetic. But peaks and valleys are ever-present. I wear my hair short AND natural – you can only imagine how high-maintenance this becomes when humidity is present. During those times, it is still important that I commit to moderate heat with upkeep. Short, sassy, and natural. I’m in love with my hair.

Last ting, Black History is 365 but for the sake of the calendar — love, peace, and joy to all my black queens and kings of the past, present, and future.

If you’re in the mood for a blowout, new color or cut service book with me Wednesday through Friday at Paul Mitchell (P: 312 548 7588, Request desired hair service with Sarah D., #64). If you are in the mood for longer tresses, a longer or private service in general, book with me personally for a weekend appointment. Either way, I got you. A queen is at your service.

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