Volume 105: A 5-Week Pixie 

❤ Y’all…………….I only have five weeks left. Not a year, not half a year, not five months but one, two, three, four, five weeks until I finish my Paul Mitchell the School program. Honestly, I don’t think that notion has yet to hit me completely. I’ll randomly look at the date and just think, “Whoa…Sarah, its March…2017”. This also puts me in this weird in between where on one hand, I’m SO close to being able to put this experience behind me but on the other hand, close or not, I’m still managing 15-hour days until the very last. They say, it’s darkest just before dawn so right now it’s most important to keep my eyes on the finish line and just do it, like Nike says.

❤ A few months ago, I asked – what would five months mark the end of for you? I know I’m not alone in this dream chasing ting so anyone reading, who’s also weeks away from completing a goal – keep swimming because you’re almost there. As dreams go – after one goal is accomplished so starts a fresh page, a new level to conquer. My, my I have work to do: acquire my license, client building, networking, money saving, travel with it…but for now – let’s focus on putting on those finishing touches and celebrating! Yes, celebrate. Do not begin the next level without first acknowledging the work put in toward the current. More times than not were just working, working, working, working without stopping to live and celebrate the milestones. Not me. I’ve mentioned how hard this past year and a half was for me: a demanding…exhausting yet wonderfully life-changing experience. So, catch me with a drink or few come first week of April.

Sarah ‘Susie’ Taylor Baby

❤ Speaking of change, I cut my hair! (some more). The braids served a purpose but I wanted to be Sarah ‘Susie’ Taylor (my short hair alter-ego), once again. I love it so much. Shout out to my school mate, Angel, who told me when we first started school that by the time I graduated, I’d have a pixie cut. She obviously saw a sassiness in me that I hadn’t yet saw in myself (😋). With my new cut, (thank you Jailyn), went more of my relaxed hair and I’m finally just under 100% natural with maybe a bit of relaxed hair in the longer bang area. I’m already seeing how quickly my hair reverts at the smallest hint of moisture but that leaves me two options: be comfortable with my texture or get a relaxer. I’m building comfort as my hair hasn’t been this soft and strong, in years. Plus, once I decide to color her, relaxed hair won’t be an issue.

❤ That’s all I have for now. Next time we talk, it’ll be just one more week…but until then, ‘Just Keep Swimming’.

If you’re in the mood for a blowout, new color or cut service book with me Wednesday through Friday at Paul Mitchell (P: 312 548 7588, Request desired hair service with Sarah D., #64). If you are in the mood for longer tresses, a longer or private service in general, book with me personally for a weekend appointment. Either way, I got you. A queen is at your service.

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Light & Love from Ya Girl,

-Sarah D.Mari ❤