Volume 106: & Just Like That…

❤ I did it. You did it. We did it. Year and a half in our rear-view. We made it to the other side with something tangible in our back pockets. Regardless of how spent and tired you might feel, you cannot deny that this is huge. And with one huge goal crossed off your list, you deserve to press pause on the grind, celebrate, and rest before you start the next big adventure! As mentioned before, it is important to acknowledge the hard work you have put in. By doing so, the next level will feel much more welcomed into your life and you will have a rosy outlook from jump-street.


❤ In my case, no school means more time, more availability, and more freedom to tackle next steps. The mandatory weekend appointment is no more. Beginning next week (April 9, 2017), availability shifts to 6:30-8:30pm Monday through Friday and 9a-5p Saturday. It is time to apply what I’ve learned and acquired during my time at Paul Mitchell the School Chicago. Once you know better, you do better. The beauty of all of this is that I did it all, for you. The client. Without clientele, I’m just a Sarah with scissors in my left hand so fall in and I’ll catch you. 🙂 — Haircuts, Extensions (5 methods ), Texture Styling, and Henna — Let’s Do It!

If you’re in the mood for a blowout, cut service, longer tresses, henna, etc. (services offered can be found here), book with me! A queen is at your service. I can be reached through all my social spaces and via email: My availability can be found here

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Peace, Glo, and Productivity to your week!

Light & Love from Ya Girl,

-Sarah D.Mari ❤


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