Volume 107: Life/Adorn 

❤ All this life in me (cc: Frank Ocean). In this present moment possibilities are endless. I imagine myself tying my shoes at the ‘Start’ line, gun in the air – GO!, and then I take off. The worker-bee mentality that I possessed in school must now be utilized without the presence of walls and a set schedule provided. I’m my own boss: building a regime for myself, accountability at the helm. 

❤ So, with that as the foundation – Let’s Do This!

❤ Hey! I hope that I have found you well. Spring is upon us ladies and gentlemen, the season for color and adornment. Flowers, good energy, fun color-ways, good energy, up-styling, haircuts, henna, blow-outs, extensions and oh, good energy. Prom season is upon us so in your planning remember, that I got you! Add some length or wear your hair up, you have options that’ll suit your prom look perfectly. Tell a friend to tell a friend the good news 🙂 . I’m like wishing that henna was accessible to me back when I went to prom but now it’s in abundance – get you some! This same sentiment goes for wedding season — on a much grander scale. I get chills thinking about “Big Days”. ❤ Thee day of love, something I am all about. With that, your hair DESERVES good, quality care, attention, and energy. That plus henna – simple or intricate to put the cherry on top. Simply stated, ‘It’s a slay’.

If you’re in the mood for a blowout, cut service, longer tresses, henna, etc. (services offered can be found here), book with me! A queen is at your service. I can be reached through all my social spaces and via email: My availability can be found here

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Peace, Glo, and Productivity to your week!

Light & Love from Ya Girl,

-Sarah D.Mari ❤