About Manely Love


Manely Love by Sarah D.Mari (MLxSD) is a service and ultimately a salon experience, focused on Beauty, Efficiency, and Quality for the client. I often find that while us ladies love the experience and results of salon visits, the inevitable wait and time consumption is one heck of a drag! MLxSD looks to alleviate this issue by keeping the client’s time in mind at all times while still offering a salon experience complete with quality work and good energy. Currently, MLxSD seeks to be an independent service you can request for your texture/hairstyling, cutting, extension, and henna art needs. A queen is at your service. This is my Passion. I have been styling hair since age 8 and it truly makes me happy. When asked what my motivation is to follow this dream, my response is that…its ‘Manely’ Love.

For details or appointment scheduling, Please contact me at sarah_taylor_d@yahoo.com (directed to my phone), info@manelylove.com, or leave a comment with your email attached and I will contact you personally.

All my Love & Appreciation ❤ ,

-Sarah D.Mari

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